The Skills Show Experience
@The International Festival for Business 2014

Teacher Resources

The Skills Show Experience @ The International Festival for Business 2014 supports schools providing careers information and advice to their pupils.

By attending The Skills Show Experience @ The International Festival for Business 2014, schools are demonstrating their commitment to their responsibility to provide independent careers advice to their pupils as outlined in the Government’s recently published guidance, and ensuring our young people understand the range of job opportunities on offer in Liverpool City Region and nationally.

At the event your pupils can:

  • • Find out about careers available in the growth sectors in the local economy
  • • Try their hand at a range of skills, trades and occupations
  • • Access careers advice and guidance
  • • Ask employers, colleges and training organisations about the skills and qualifications needed for different job roles
  • • Learn about different routes into careers including Apprenticeships and university degrees
  • • Watch presentations by local businesses and people working in different jobs

Pre Event Preparation

To ensure your pupils are well prepared for the event and get the most out of it, please undertake the pre-event prep activities in this section.

Teacher Toolkits

There are also a number of Teacher Toolkits available in this section to use before or after the event



Pre-event preparation activities

World Skills Teacher Toolkits