The Skills Show Experience
@The International Festival for Business 2014

Questions to Ask

Questions to ask at the Skills Show

At the event, there will be the opportunity for pupils to visit exhibitor stands and ask questions about careers and skills for different industries.

Here is a list of questions that pupils may find useful to ask exhibitors:

  • 1. What kinds of jobs are involved in your industry?
  • 2. What qualifications do I need to be …?
  • 3. What training do I need to get a job as a ….?
  • 4. What options would help me progress in this occupation (GCSE’s, A Levels, College courses etc)?
  • 5. Does your organisation offer an Apprenticeship route?
  • 6. How long will I need to study to be a…?
  • 7. What skills do I need to demonstrate to be a …?
  • 8. What type of work is involved?
  • 9. What jobs do Apprentices progress onto within your organisation?
  • 10. Do I need a degree to be a …?
  • 11. How do you recruit staff to your organisation?
  • 12. What work experience do I need?
  • 13. Do you have any work experience opportunities?
  • 14. Do you offer internships?
  • 15. Do you offer visits to your sites?
  • 16. What types of progression routes are there in your industry?
  • 17. What role does technology play in your industry?
  • 18. Does your organisation offer ongoing training?
  • 19. Do you enjoy all aspects of your job?